Ecotools Blenders Mix Ecotools Blenders Mix
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Ecotools Blenders Mix (45 Pcs Lot)
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Elevate your inventory with eco-friendly beauty essentials! Ecotools Blenders Mix features 100% biodegradable makeup sponges infused with antimicrobial silver for a hygienic application. This 45-piece lot is perfect for environmentally conscious customers looking for high-quality beauty tools. Stock up on these popular sponges and boost your profits while promoting sustainability. Benefits: ✓ Antimicrobial protection ✓ Eco-friendly ✓ High resale value ✓ Trusted brand Specifics: Infused with antimicrobial silver 100% biodegradable 45 pieces per lot Dimensions: 13X13X13UPC: 079625016321, 079625031751 (MIXES NOT GUARANTEED/SOLD AS IS) Order now to secure your lot! Fast, safe, and secure shipping guaranteed.