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Unmanifested Nail Polish Mix - Wholesale (3000 Pcs Pallet)

SKU COS_NailPolishMix_PLT
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Unmanifested Nail Polish Mix - As Is

About 3000 Pieces, Chameleon, NYC, CQ, Bonita, Confetti, Pop-arazzi Polishes

 Dimensions: 48*41*25

These items are mainly shelf pulls unless otherwise specified.  All of our items are sold as is and no refunds will be given on these items.  We do inspect all lipsticks, powders and any other item that may show signs of usage and remove all the bad items.

Unfortunately we are not able to verify expiration dates or lot numbers.Please note that the majority of items now have PAO (Period After Open) which means the items are good for x amount of months after the product is opened.  You can see an image of the PAO image below:

Keep in mind that if you were to purchase factory fresh items directly from a distributor or manufacturer you would easily pay 3-4 times what you would pay for a liquidation item.

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About Pallet

About Shelf Pulled

Shelf Pulled products have previously been on store shelves.  These items may include pricing and discount stickers.  They may also have some scratches and the packaging may not be in perfect condition.

Shipping & Delivery

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By the box via UPS

Smaller orders generally ship out by the box via UPS instead of using a freight carrier.  Shipping multiple boxes at a time is usually cheaper, as each additional box is cheaper than the first box.  
Depending on the number of boxes, it might be cheaper to ship the boxes on a pallet with an LTL freight carrier.  Your sales representative can assist you in providing you the best possible shipping option possible.

LTL Shipments (By the pallet)

LTL or Less than a load (Multiple pallet shipments).  LTL shipments are any orders that require between 1-6 pallets.  Generally orders requiring more than 6 pallets will require a full truckload shipment.  Please keep in mind that LTL shipping fees will increase if the delivery destination is a residential address and if a liftgate will be required to unload the pallets.

 We will always try to assist you with the best shipping option possible prior to finalizing your order.


-Residential pallet deliveries to a residential address may require a liftgate to lower the pallets off of the truck.


-Residential deliveries and liftgate services require an additional charge.


-You can save money if you are able to receive your pallet at a business address or pick up your order at a local freight terminal.


-Residential delivery fees can range between $25-$75, while liftgate fees can range between $35-$75.


-Deliveries are usually dropped curbside or at a loading dock.  Drivers will not bring your pallets into your storage space or garage without charging an inside delivery fee.  Be prepared to break down the pallet and manually bring your items inside.


-It is very important that you verify your pallet(s) and shrink wrap before signing the delivery receipt or Bill of Lading.  If you notice any damage or discrepancies make sure to notate them on the Bill of Lading before you fully accept the merchandise.  Make sure to also take pictures of the condition of the pallet. Failure to follow these instructions will significantly lower your chances of receiving any compensation from the freight company.


Truckloads are generally shipped in a 48’ or 53’ truck.  Truckload rates are usually a flat fee and are the same whether the truck is half empty or full.  The rate is based on mileage and final destination. Just as LTL shipments truckloads can also be ordered with a liftgate at an additional charge.

26 pallets can be accomodated to fit on a 53’ truck without double stacking the pallets.  Some pallets depending on the items being shipped can be double stacked as long as both pallets do not exceed 8’ in height.  By double stacking up to 52 pallets can be shipped on one truck minimizing the cost of shipping per pallet.




- Make sure that you are able to receive a 53’ truckloads at your location.  Most residential neighborhoods will not allow semi-truck deliveries. If this is the case an additional charge will be added to transfer pallets into a smaller truck for delivery.

-Make sure that you are capable of unloading the truck.  You will need to either have a forklift or pallet jack to unload.

-Please notify your sales representative if you require a phone call prior to delivery.

-Customers generally have a maximum of 2 hours to unload the truck, if more time is required  an additional fee may be charged. So make sure you have enough help to unload in the allotted time frame.

-Keep in mind that the delivery fee does not include labor.  The driver will not assist you in unloading unless a liftgate fee was paid, in which case the driver will assist with lowering the pallets to the curb.

-Shipping quotes are generally quoted with minimal insurance.  If you would like to cover the full amount of your invoice please make sure to let your sales representatives know.  Keep in mind that this will increase the cost of shipping.


International Shipping

International Shipping Costs:


We are only able to quote International shipments for or on our website and this is only for box size orders.  For larger orders please contact one of our sales representatives as they may be able to assist you in finding a freight forwarder.  Please note that Discount Wholesalers Inc. is not shipping provider nor may we be held responsible for shipping.
Ocean freight fees can cost anywhere from $400-$1000 per pallet depending on the destination and are usually not feasible for low value orders. 
Ocean freight containers are usually your best option as the cost can range between $2,500-$6,000 depending on the destination and the size of the container.  Containers come in 20’, 40’ and 45’.

International Customs Clearance & Fees

Please note that our International shipping quotes DO NOT include any customs clearance fees or taxes.  It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to pay all customs fees and taxes that may be charged in your country. Discount Wholesalers Inc is not freight forwarder or shipper and we are unable to quote you on any customs fees that you may be assessed.   Please contact your local customs office prior to placing your order to verify what charges you may incur.
It is very important that you verify that you are able to import the goods that you are looking to purchase, as many countries have strict importation restrictions that may be based on brand protection or health regulations.  We are not familiar with your countries import laws so it is your full responsibility to education yourself prior to ordering.
Discount Wholesalers Inc is not responsible items are seized or refused at customs.  Make sure you are aware of any and all fees that may be charged and be capable of paying them when they arrive.

Please be aware that U.S. Customs does have the right to inspect shipments prior to leaving the United States.  These inspections may incur additional costs which are the responsibility of the customer. All customs clearance, duties and any other fees associated with the importation of your merchandise is your full responsibility.

Please keep in mind that we export numerous orders orders weekly without any issues with customs clearance.  Due to the type of items we sell we are unable to provide some of the documentation required by customs, such as manifests and the country of origin of the items being purchased.  Most of the time this will not cause any issues at customs.


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