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Conair The Knot Dr.WET & DRY Detangler Pro Mini
Conair The Knot Dr.WET & DRY Detangler Pro Mini
Conair The Knot Dr.WET & DRY Detangler Pro Mini
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Conair The Knot Dr.WET & DRY Detangler Pro Mini (50 Pcs Lot)

Approx Orig. Retail: $400.00 Items: 50 Price Per Item: $2.00

Your Price: $100.00
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  • Product Type: Hair Care
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  • Weight: 18.0 (lb)

Unlock profits with Conair's Detangler Pro Mini! 50 brushes, endless reselling.

Conair's Knot Dr. WET & DRY Detangler Pro Mini is a hair care essential. This 50-piece lot, complete with fast, pain-free detangling, comes with a promise of quality. Resell confidently, meet customer demands, and elevate your store's reputation.

Benefits: ✓ Professional Detangling Performance ✓ Compact Size for Convenience ✓ Lucrative Reselling Opportunity ✓ Assurance of Quality


  • Brush Type: WET & DRY Detangler
  • Quantity: 50 Pieces
  • Brand: Conair - The Knot Dr.
  • Packaging: Case Pack


  • 21x13x17 


  • 74108953346

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