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Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions (50 Pcs Lot) - Discount Wholesalers Inc
Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions (50 Pcs Lot) - Discount Wholesalers Inc
Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions (50 Pcs Lot) - Discount Wholesalers Inc
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Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions (50 Pcs Lot)

Approx Orig. Retail: $700.00 Items: 50 Price Per Item: $3.50
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  • Product Type: Skin Care
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  • Weight: 40.0 (lb)
  • Expiration Date: Jan 2024

nlock a treasure trove of profit with our Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions (50 Pcs Lot) – a golden opportunity for resellers, entrepreneurs, and store owners!

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Elevate your business with this bulk deal of Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions – a skincare jackpot for your store. Closeouts and Liquidations don't get better than this. Ideal for online reselling, these creams and lotions are the secret weapon to attracting health-conscious customers. Perfect for daily use, they offer unparalleled moisture and nourishment, ensuring satisfied repeat buyers.

Benefits: ✓ High-profit margins ✓ Trusted, reputable brand ✓ Broad customer appeal ✓ Fast-selling skincare essentials


  • Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions
  • Quantity: 50 pieces per lot
  • Varied sizes and formulations
  • All products are new and unopened, ready for retail

Seize this lucrative opportunity! Invest in our Assorted CeraVe Creams & Lotions now for a seamless path to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Resell online with confidence, knowing you're backed by a trustworthy company. Don't miss out – stock up, sell out, and watch your profits soar!

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EXP-starting 2024

Dimensions: 20x16x19

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