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Orig3n Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, Mind & Body
Orig3n Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, Mind & Body
Orig3n Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, Mind & Body
Orig3n Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, Mind & Body
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Orig3n Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, Mind & Body (30 Pcs Lot)

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Transform profits with Orig3n DNA Test Kit! Unlock 30 Mind & Body insights for reselling success.

Orig3n's Genetic Home DNA Test Kit delves into Mind & Body, offering 30 unique insights. Resell confidently, as this 30-piece lot empowers your customers with personalized genetic information. Tap into the demand for self-discovery and health optimization.

Benefits: ✓ Personalized Mind & Body Insights ✓ High-Demand Health Optimization ✓ Lucrative Reselling Opportunity ✓ Trusted Source for Secure Transactions


  • Test Type: Mind & Body
  • Quantity: 30 Pieces
  • Brand: Orig3n
  • Packaging: Case Pack


  • 21x13x17 


  • 856268007516

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