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CoverGirl Trublend Foundation - Wholesale (50 Pcs Lot) - Discount Wholesalers Inc
CoverGirl Trublend Foundation - Wholesale (50 Pcs Lot) - Discount Wholesalers Inc
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CoverGirl Trublend Foundation - Wholesale (50 Pcs Lot)

Approx Orig. Retail: $452.00 Items: 50 Price Per Item: $2.26
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  • Product Type: Makeup
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  • Weight: 20.0 (lb)
  • Expiration Date: Jun 2023
CoverGirl Trublend Foundation 

CoverGirl Trublend Matte Foundation MIX

( We can not Guarantee the amount of each Individual Item )
    • 50 Pieces 

    Dimensions: 18*12*12


    You can expect to receive items with box damage, missing tops, etc. 

    These items are mainly shelf pulls unless otherwise specified. All of our items are sold as is and no refunds will be given on these items. We do inspect all lipsticks, powders and any other item that may show signs of usage and remove all the bad items.

    Unfortunately we are not able to verify expiration dates or lot numbers. Please note that the majority of items now have PAO (Period After Open) which means the items are good for x amount of months after the product is opened. You can see an image of the PAO image below:

    Keep in mind that if you were to purchase factory fresh items directly from a distributor or manufacturer you would easily pay 3-4 times what you would pay for a liquidation item.

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